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JCache support for Django
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Django JCache

A small Django plugin that provides a "JCache", ie a cache where stale but unexpired keys can be regenerated asynchronously, avoiding a thundering herd. Currently does not avoid a startup herd, although this can be improved (earlier versions by default blocked in the startup condition, waiting for the async generator to complete).

Requires celery and a Django cache backend with atomic INCR and DECR. The redis backend will work (v0.9.2 or later), or the memcached backend should work although this isn't tested.

In transition

This started as internal code, so it's rough around the edges particularly with respect to documentation. Also, it's structured as a Django app because that makes running its tests easier (and assists task discovery with django-celery); the tests are further complicated by the fact that its tests require a fully-running celery to pass.


Via the github project page.

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