Cleaning up survey data
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Processing and visualizing birth control survey data

This is my code (written in R) to process, clean, analyze, and graph data from a survey on birth control methods.

The survey contained multiple choice and user-entered responses that required cleaning to elimate typed variations.

Once the data are cleaned and processed, graphs are created and new, cleaned data is exported.

The data processing includes:

  • filtering out null responses
  • dropping irrelevant columns
  • geolocating the IP addresses of survey participants and adding latitude, longitude, city, and state to the dataframe
  • creating a dataframe of people who agreed to be interviewed
  • counting total answers for various multiple-choice questions
  • standardizing the user-entered question to discrete categories and counting total answers
  • graphing the answer counts to each question
  • exporting the graphs and dataframes created

I made a quick visualization mapping out the survey data in Tableau. The latitude and longitude of each survey respondent was generated with the above R script. Each point represents one survey respondent, color-coded by the age at which they first thought about using birth control. The tooltips display the respondent's current age, city, and birth control method. Take a look here:!/vizhome/BCsurveyresponsesacrossthenation/Sheet1