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#Kenny ClassIQ

  • Author: Kenshin Himura (Sudarsan Balaji)
  • License: GNU GPL v3 (see COPYING.txt)
  • Latest Application Version: 0.3 build 3238 (Version History)
  • Latest Stable Version: 0.3 (Versioning)
  • ReadMe Version: 2.5


Kenny ClassIQ (read Kenny Classic) is something like my dream project. It is a chess engine with pure object oriented programming with close-to-real-world representation of the game inside the program using OOPS. Initially I thought of doing a similar thing in C++, but after trying to develop my other chess engine Kenny in this route, I found out that it is a difficult task, and switched to using Java for the programming instead. To learn how to do it, I created a similar, many-times-lesser-in-complexity project KenTacToe.

Having completed it successfully, I've gained the confidence to proceed with Kenny ClassIQ, named so because it is more class-oriented than Kenny, and because I want it to be intelligent. (A play with words landed me Kenny ClassIQ.) Also, I used this name so that people searching for my other chess engine Kenny can also find this more advanced chess engine (okay, yes, I wanted to name my chess engine Kenny, so).

##Features (Features refer to existing features in the latest stable version only).

(Words in italics represent class names)

Game-breaking features (why you can't play against it now):

  • Plays only fixed search depth : 2 half moves mode.
  • Does not know about draws or 3 move repetitions, but can find mate in 1 (because search depth is only 2, you see).
  • Does not do promotion evaluation and search properly. Engine mostly crashes when thinking about promotions.

Niceties under the hood (why you should play against it later):

  • Multi-protocol support: UCI and WinBoard.
  • Better, human-like thinking planned, instead of boring, best, engine-like play.
  • Better Move system (Players make Moves in the Game).
  • Alpha Beta Principal Variation Search implemented fully. Also collects the PV.
  • Automatic MoveList of Game updation.
  • Better printMainLine() implementation.
  • Better FEN implementation.
  • Better-than-ever Console implementation, with synchronized reader, listener and executor threads.

Other features yet to come! :D


  • master contains the latest minor revision.
  • majrev contains the latest major revision.
  • stable contains the latest stable code (minor version).
  • working contains the latest code.


###Long Term

  • To have a close-to-real-world representation of the game inside the program

###Short Term

  • To add king safety.
  • To fix promotion bug.
  • To add timing controls.
  • To finish adding commentary to all uploaded files.


A java-based chess engine written with pure object-oriented programming in mind. And yes, its like KenTacToe.




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