splitter/spanner router app for grid devices
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griddle is a splitter/spanner router app for grid devices.
meme is a gtk monome emulator with arbitrary size support.

griddle acts as a proxy between serialosc and your application. it's designed
to serve two purposes: create large virtual devices from physical monomes and
split larger monomes into smaller virtual devices (sizes down to 8 x 8 are

to split a 128/256/512 unit, create several virtual devices in the
configuration file, each with the appropriate offset and link them to a
hardware device with a zero offset.

to join several devices into a single virtual device, create a virtual device
in the configuration file with a zero offset, and specify all the linked
hardware units with the appropriate offsets.

to create a mirror effect (my favourite), use the same config as the one
for joining, replace all the offsets with zeroes and make sure all your devices
(virtual and physical) are of the same size.

all the offsets have to be multiples of 8. 

have fun!

this repository includes the following third-party modules:

pybonjour (MIT License):
    Copyright (c) 2007-2008 Christopher J. Stawarz

pyOSC (LPGL-2.1+ License):
    Copyright (c) Daniel Holth & Clinton McChesney.
    Copyright (c) 2008-2010, Artem Baguinski <artm@v2.nl> et al., Stock, V2_Lab, Rotterdam, Netherlands.
    Copyright (c) 2010 Uli Franke <uli.franke@weiss.ch>, Weiss Engineering, Uster, Switzerland.