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<h2>Version 0.1.1 September 9th</h2>
<li>64-bit Universal Support. Note: Audio Compare now requires OS X 10.5 or greater to run.</li>
<li>Removed FLAC installation option. Audio Compare still supports FLAC, but users will have to
install FLAC support components themselves.</li>
<h2>Version 0.1.0 June 10th</h2>
<li>FIXED: Application menu read 'AudioCompare' instead of 'Audio Compare.'</li>
<li>NEW: FLAC support + optional automatic installation of FLAC components.</li>
<h2>Version 0.0.9 June 2nd</h2>
<li>FIXED: Spurious error messages if you dropped a file onto a pad that already had a file</li>
<li>NEW: Menu item and shortcut key (delete) for clearing the currently selected pad</li>
<h2>Version 0.0.8 June 1st</h2>
<li>FIXED: If you dragged a file onto a pad other than 'A' at app launch, 'A' would remain selected and you wouldn't hear anything when playing until you toggled. Now if you do this, the selection automatically jumps to the pad you dropped on.</li>
<li>FIXED: The app now remembers the last place you left the main window on your screen and places it in the same location on launch.</li>
<li>NEW: Pads now display Finder icons for loaded files.</li>
<h2>Version 0.0.7 May 28th</h2>
<li>FIXED: Sample rate support. Files that weren't at the system sample rate played back too slow or fast.</li>
<li>FIXED: Using the A/B button would select pads with no files loaded.</li>
<li>Improved error handling.</li>
<h2>Version 0.0.6 May 19th</h2>
<li>Added two more pads. Twice the comparing! Thanks for the suggestion, <a href="">Orren.</a></li>
<li>Now that AudioCompare has four pads, you can simply click on a pad to hear its file. This only works when you're not in 'Hide' mode.</li>
<li>Fixed a bug where a channel would emit silence if a channel's file looped and was subsequently paused and played.</li>
<h2>Version 0.0.5 May 11th</h2>
<li>Still testing Sparkle support</li>
<h2>Version 0.0.4 May 11th</h2>
<li>Screwing around with Sparkle support</li>
<h2>Version 0.0.3 May 11th</h2>
<li>Added Sparkle auto-update support.</li>
<li>When you 'hide' the A/B pads, Audio Compare randomly selects which file you're hearing. This helps with keeping things truly 'blind'.</li>
<li>Added a 'return to zero' button, menu item, and key command (left arrow).</li>