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added some commits Aug 11, 2013
@artgillespie remove redundant `CGImageSoureCopyPropertiesAtIndex` cf17a50
@artgillespie adds scaling method to key.
This fixes a subtle bug where if you scaled an image using one scale method, then requested the same image at the same size but with a different scale method, you'd get a hit from the cache for the earlier image (i.e., the wrong scale method)
@artgillespie adds `OGImageView`
`OGImageView` is a subclass of `UIImageView` that encapsulates all the behavior of `OGImage` (specifically, `OGScaledImage`) to handle the most common case of loading an image from a URL
and displaying it.
@artgillespie updates demo for `OGImageView` and iOS 7. 800daf5
@artgillespie Updates readme with description of `OGImageView` 0edf217
@artgillespie readme link formatting 1b6f62c
@artgillespie adds mo' readme fixes. a82cbcf
@artgillespie artgillespie was assigned Aug 23, 2013
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