Simple app that makes it easy to import thousands of photos into the iPhone Simulator's photo library.
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simulator_photo_import makes it easy to populate the Photo Library in the iPhone Simulator for testing, etc.

  1. Set TSQImageImportPath in simulator_photo_import-Info.plist to the path where your test images are. (e.g., /Users/<myusername>/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Masters)
  2. Set TSQTraverseSubdirectories in simulator_photo_import-Info.plist. When set to YES any .png or .jpg image in any subdirectory of TSQImageImportPath will be added to the Photo Library. When set to NO, only files at the top level of TSQImageImportPath are added.
  3. Run in the Simulator.
  4. Press the 'Start' button.

Special thanks to the very fine folks at Everyme for giving me the idea and letting me work on it in their office.