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Modifications to AppConfig plugin by Eugene Bolshakov
to add more functionality and make sure that parsing exceptions are thrown
AppConfig plugin by Eugene Bolshakov,,
The plugin is based on the idea described here:
It allows to have a file (config/config.yml) with application configuration parameters.
It should have a "common" section with all parameters along with default values and can also
contain a section for each of the rails environments (development, test, production, or
your custom one). The values from the current environment section will override the values in the
"common" section.
If some developer needs his own specific values for his working copy, he can simply create
a config/config.local.yml file and override any value there, again having a "common" section
and a section for each environment.
Nothing is mandatory (files, sections) � you just have what you really need. The files are parsed with ERB,
so they can contain some Ruby
An example of a config file:
media_path: <%= RAILS_ROOT %>/tmp/media
xml_rpc_url: http://localhost:8000/
xml_rpc_url: http://localhost:8008/
Then, in the application you can use the config parameters like this:
So it means that you�ve got a Config object which holds all the configuration parameters defined.
It doesn�t allow to change the values in the application code, BTW.