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A simple tool to manage simple accounting from a plain text file.


The purpose of this tool is to manage accounting for the French speaking Python User Group (

We just wanted to manage accounting in a plain text file (just like ledger does, but without double entry accounting).

This project is just a set of tool we use in order to achieve that.


Pyash is written for Python3.

The only dependency is Jinja2, used to format text output.

pip install jinja2

How to

To transform a csv export to pyash :

python myfile.csv

This will output data in our format to standard output.

python myfile.dat

That will output a balance of the different categories.


Our data file is made of money moves.

A money move is composed of a date, an amount, a category and a description.

Here is an example :

2013/07/04 -100.00€ Category

The first line is composed of a date (formatted with '%Y/%m/%d'), a space, an amount (signed float and an € symbol), and a category.

The description is a block beginning with 4 spaces, it can be on multiple lines.