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Clients for Kaoz, a free IRC notifier

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Clients for Kaoz, a free IRC notifier.


There are several scripts which interfaces with a Kaoz server ( These scripts aims to be installed in folder /usr/share/kaoz-clients. The subfolders contain configuration files for several hooks, but pipes and style.

Pipes and style

pipes provides several ircpipe programs to be used to send message to IRC and keeping this simple. Advanced users may choose to personalize an ircpipe for its own needs, regarding the default settings (eg. default IRC channel, Kaoz host, SSL CA). defines convenient variables to format IRC messages with font style and colors. should be modified to reflect the configuration of your kaoz server. It is used by all the ircpipe.* scripts.


git folder contains a post-receive hook for Git repositories. To use this hook, copy hook-post-receive file to the hooks/post-receive location of you Git repository and modify it according to your configuration.


Nagios is a service monitoring tool. nagios folder contains a script which format Nagios notifications messages. To make Nagios use this script to publish notifications on IRC, put the content of the two .cfg files in your Nagios configuration.

NUT (Network UPS Tools)

UPS provides tools to monitor power devices. nut-ups folder contains a script to format NUT notifications with IRC colors.

PAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules)

Linux provides an extensible authentication system. pam folder PAM configuration files to be used to report on IRC each login/logout, being with SSH, local login or su/sudo. Each Linux distribution has a different set of default configuration files for PAM, so you should not copy and paste the configuration files to your /etc/pam.d/ directory. You may instead edit by hand your files and add a line with notify-message script.


Kaoz is provided by "Binet Réseau", a student association from France's École polytechnique. If you have inquiries, comments or suggestions, you may contact us at

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             _/ _/              \_ \
            / _/   ____    ____   \ \
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          | |   / _, <  / _, _/    | |
          | |  / /_/ / / / | |     | |
          | | /_____/ /_/  | |    / /
           \ \              \ \__/ /
            \ \_             \____/
             \_ \________________

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