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Big data project at EPFL, for assisted promotion tool
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Big data project at EPFL - Assisted Promotion Tool

  1. Problematic A critical step when you create something nowadays is the promotion. The Internet has become the best way to promote your product through social media or marketing campaign but it’s very hard to know when, where and what to do for the promotion. Indeed, If you start your promotion too soon, people will forget your product if you don’t keep the hype up. On the other end if you start your promotion too late or at the wrong time, your product might go unnoticed

  2. Project description The project goal will be to help you launch your music album in the best way possible, you will enter some information about your album like the launching date, the goal in terms of popularity that you want to reach and the project will establish a timeline and tell you what to do. For example: Let’s say that you want to launch a music album in 6 months. The project will tell you to release a first song on Youtube in 1 month, post the album cover on your Facebook page in two months; do an AMA on reddit in 4 months etc. The project will also be able to get the real-time “reach” of your promotion and tell you (and update the timeline) if the hype is going down.

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