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A pre-configured Django 1.1 project that can be used as a starting point. The following changes were made:

  • Import in
  • Sqlite3 database saved in project directory
  • Static media in "media/" served by static.serve
  • TEMPLATE_DIRS set to "templates/" directory
  • E-mail settings configured for Python DebuggingServer
  • GZipMiddleware installed
  • example base.html template with basic HTML4.01 skeleton
  • example 404.html/500.html error page templates
  • custom error 500 handler with MEDIA_URL in context
  • contrib.admin installed
  • initial_data.json fixture with superuser
    • User: admin
    • Password: admin
  • django-debug-toolbar configured (run pip install django-debug-toolbar)
  • change ADMIN_MEDIA_PREFIX to "/media/admin/"
  • CACHE_BACKEND set to locmem

If you want to rename the project, remember to change the ROOT_URLCONF variable in to the new project name.