Rating predictions based on the Slope One algorithm
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Generates rating predictions based on the Slope One algorithm.
The rating predictions can be used for recommendations.

You can check out the following links about the Slope One algorithm:

- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slope_One
- http://www.daniel-lemire.com/fr/documents/publications/lemiremaclachlan_sdm05.pdf

Note: This project is under development and things will most likely change.
Don't use it in production systems.


You need Django 1.1.

1. Run `setup.py install`
2. Put `slopeone` in `INSTALLED_APPS`
3. Run `manage.py syncdb`


1. Add some ratings to the `Rating` table. You can use the admin for that.
2. Run the `manage.py update_calculations` command
3. In your view, import `slopeone.core.recommend` and execute it with the user
   for which the recommendations should be generated.

The `recommend` method will return a list of recommendations.
The output looks like this:

    [(2, 5.0), (1, 3.0)]

Each element is a pair consisting of the recommended object id and the
predicted rating. In this case, the predicted rating for item 2 is 5.0
and for item 1 it's 3.0. The list is sorted descending by rating.

Example Project

If you cloned the git repo, you can use the `testproject` to test this project.
The testproject includes 2 users and 3 rated (animal) fixtures. Here are some
usage instructions:

(0. You need the `slopeone` module installed/in your pythonpath.)
1. Run `manage.py syncdb` in the `testproject` dir but don't create
   a superuser.
2. Load the fixtures by executing `manage.py loaddata fixtures/*`.
   (username==password for the user fixtures)

The following ratings have been added:

=User  | =Cat | =Dog
admin  | 5    | 3
arthur | ?    | 4

3. Run the `manage.py update_calculations` command, to compute all
   required values.
4. To compute the predicted rating for the user `arthur` and the animal object
   `cat`, you can run the `manage.py show_recommendations` command with the
   user id 2 as an argument:

        ./manage.py show_recommendations 2
        $ [(2, 6.0), (1, 4.0)]

As you see, the predicted rating for arthur/cat would be 6.0. This is because
there is only one other user (admin), and he rated cat with 5 and dog with 3.
So the global difference between dog and cat rating is +2. Since arthur rated
dog with 4, the prediction will apply the difference of the global cat/dog
rating to the value of the dog rating. So that 4+2=6.

The rating for the object with the id 1 is not computed since the user has
manually rated that object. Rated items are currently not excluded from
the return value of the recommend method.

Known Issues

- Items that were already rated by the user are returned in 
  the recommendations. They should be excluded.
- Ratings don't have a maximum value (to, for example, support ratings from
  a range from 1-5)
- Although the contenttypes framework is used, django-slopeone currently only
  supports one content type.