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Todo list

Top 1

  • Handle queue: add multiples files queue (and set it with "queue")
  • Add Menu (right click):
    • add/remove autolaunch support of a file
    • save file to display it on startup
    • locate file (already available on zoom icon)
  • Display feature, to display the name of script instead of file

1 - Make user interface a "killer app"

  • Process all files in 1 click (when autolaunch is false)
  • Save default script selected in config file (last script selected for 1 trigger) Example: 2 triggers for '.txt' files : When I use script 1, it save it in
  • start on startup => (cmd+alt+S save all files on main renderer as )
    • save a state non display but openable
  • Add search on script Start selector when we have more than 5 scripts
  • Display "process all files" when there is files to process (better)
  • Choose default script folder (handling Dropbox/Drive/Etc)
  • Use better icon for non existing script (other than warning)
  • Handle other thing than files (like text)

2 - Improve core scripting

  • Integrate script-processor inside a headleass/worker windows
  • Split files with ipc
  • Add npm dependencies checker/adder in before (easy to do with npm lib)
  • Multi-platform command (before/cmd/after)
  • Prompt support
  • choose what
  • scan and add YAML 'inception' on a second YAML to accept cross parameters.
  • chaining multiples cmd with array of commands
  • support npm as dependencies packages (for plugins)
  • Add a boilerplate support with core rules to fork into another app (for dev)
  • hack css & js by a onStart feature

3 - Auto-updater

It's better.

4 - Support binary dependencies-packaging

Detect the kind of file you have added, and give you a way to process it. So, I need create a way to handle conversion cli tools (like Calibre ebook-convert, ImageMagick) into a multi-platform downloadable dependency on the need.

If you want to convert a kind of file, dependencies are downloaded if you need, and your file is processed.

To do. There is no already-functionnal-simple way to do.

My idea is make a library, a mix between homebrew, apt-get and npm, handling cross-platform apps, and installing it when needed.

5 - When I have time