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Kanso HTML/CSS Bootstrap UI Kit

Hello there, designers are spoiled with UI kits that they can use, reuse and modify to their needs. What if there was UI kit for front-end developers. I created Kanso UI Kit for speed up my website building workflow to reuse most common elements. I found that I saved me a lot of time and I hope it will be usefull to everyone too. Let me walk you though it.


How do I use it?

  1. Open your terminal and type in:
& git clone
  1. Alternatively you can use the codepen demo. Below the element you will find two buttons "Show HTML" & "Link to SCSS file". I made it so a person could take the needed code and proceed as fast as possible.

What are these funny css classes?

The css is written in BEM. I wanted to make it very modular and responsive so that if you drop it any context it should just work with minimal effort. If you are not familiar with BEM I highly recommend reading about it here or watching about it here

Is Foundation version coming soon?

Yes it is coming shortly.