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Schoolrooster voor Zermelo

Note: this is a third party initiative, it's not affiliated with Zermelo Software B.V. in any way.

Note: even though the default and only app language is Dutch, all the code, documentation, comments, this file, all issues etc. are in English. Reasons for this are my personal preference for thinking in English while coding, keeping in line with the official documentation by Zermelo Software B.V., and enabling non-Dutch speakers to understand everything happening here.

Schoolrooster voor Zermelo

Schoolrooster voor Zermelo is an app that allows students and teachers to check their schedules on all their Windows 10 devices. The app works with all schools and organizations that use the Zermelo portal technology to do their scheduling. The app is built on the Universal Windows Platform.

The backend for connecting to the Zermelo REST API that's used in this app is also available on GitHub: Zermelo.API

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How to contribute

All contributions are welcome! You can make a pull-request and write some code yourself, but please first open an issue detailing the things you want to change. It would be sad if you spend a lot of time building something that's completely beyond the scope of this project, or in a way that's completely different than the rest of the app. If you don't know how to write code, you can open issues too, if you think there's something that should be improved!


The project won't just compile after cloning the project, because there are some API keys needed that, for security reasons, I won't check in into git. To compile the project you'll need to add a Secrets.cs file in the Zermelo.App.UWP folder, which contains a static class Secrets with static properties for every secret:

namespace Zermelo.App.UWP
    static class Secrets
        public static string Secret => "api-key";

The secrets that are currently needed are:

  • HockeyAppAppId (string): the App ID for HockeyApp analytics.
  • MobileCenterAppSecret (string): the App Secret for Visual Studio Mobile Center analytics.

Note that these keys are only used when compiling in Release configuration, so even though the file is required to be there in Debug config too, the properties aren't necessary.

Because of an issue with Template 10, a custom version of that package is used, but the Visual Studio package restore won't automatically grab it. To make sure that you get the correct package, restore NuGet packages with the nuget.exe command line tool.

Licensed under the MIT License (see LICENSE file)