Simple web interface for digital fabrication machines.
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Simple to use featurefull web interface for digital fabrication machines.

For a project decription/specification, see

Looking for contributors/help ! Contact us !

setting up

Please after cloning the repository, do

git submodule init
git submodule update
so the submodules are initialized ( duh ! )

using gulp

You need to have Node.js (Node) installed onto your computer before you can install Gulp.
If you do not have Node installed already, you can get it by downloading the package installer from Node's website.

Install gulp using:
npm install --global gulp
this command will install gulp system wide. You should now be able to hit gulp in your command line.

Then use:
npm install
this command will read all the dependencies that were defined in the package.json file and automatically installs them for you.

To build use gulp (default task) or gulp demo for version with mocked data