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Not sure if I created this pull request properly, let me know if I need to change anything. But the definitions are complete (For the most part.) If you see "???????????????????" it is because I either did not know what it meant, or could not come up with an easy explanation.

and others added some commits Mar 19, 2016
@arthurwolf added basic help system 3e35b2a
@arthurwolf added back button mechanism 01f4a3b
@arthurwolf added basic configuration path, but no functionality c822b20
@arthurwolf first raw configuration screen 830eb89
@arthurwolf raw configuration edition now has section detection eb5adec
@arthurwolf Update d5a7704
@arthurwolf commiting non-working raw config edit to show css problem a27ec58
@arthurwolf Merge branch 'gh-pages' of into gh-pages ee9741a
@arthurwolf some more css stuff fe9cfb4
@arthurwolf basic raw config display now works a8b3ae6
@arthurwolf added basic raw option screen d8097d9
@arthurwolf added basic option definition 99172ee
@lautr3k lautr3k add base for all options (from the wiki page) e0ef2f9
@arthurwolf Merge pull request #2 from lautr3k/gh-pages
Add base for all options (from the wiki page)
@arthurwolf Update 87bec98
@funinthefalls funinthefalls Update definitions.html a7dfb2c
@funinthefalls funinthefalls Create glossary.html 072fc0e
@funinthefalls funinthefalls Update glossary.html 7a5e9b6
@funinthefalls funinthefalls Update glossary.html 608a33c
@funinthefalls funinthefalls Update glossary.html 4bd1c8a
@funinthefalls funinthefalls Update glossary.html 6d69df5
@funinthefalls funinthefalls Update definitions.html 8cb5adf
@arthurwolf adding smoothie-happy submodule a3fab75
@arthurwolf Merge branch 'gh-pages' of into gh-pages fdf9bfc
@arthurwolf added submodule info to readme 0365a4d
@arthurwolf sh submodule moved to https 14f8909
@arthurwolf adding network scanning thanks to the smoothie-happy api 9d1ef46
@funinthefalls funinthefalls Update definitions.html 67052fd
@funinthefalls funinthefalls Update definitions.html 35190f4
@funinthefalls funinthefalls Update definitions.html 8259ecc
@funinthefalls funinthefalls Update definitions.html 709a7d6
@funinthefalls funinthefalls Update definitions.html 0720354


Thank you so much !
You are merging gh-pages into master. I think you want to be merging gh-pages into gh-pages

Tell me if you need any help with that.


OK will try that.


Will not let me do gh-pages to gh-pages :(

@funinthefalls funinthefalls reopened this May 6, 2016

Well that's weird ... looking into it.


Done ! #5

Thank you so much !

@arthurwolf arthurwolf reopened this May 6, 2016
@arthurwolf arthurwolf closed this May 6, 2016

This is incredible work. I'm having computer problems right now, but as soon as I figure those out, I'll be integrating this into fabrica ! 

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