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Ruby gem for Lagotto alm application
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Build Status

This is alpha software, so expect changes

alm - a Ruby client for the Lagotto application for article level metrics data


  • HTTParty gem to make web calls to Crossref APIs
  • json gem to convert to/from JSON
  • bundler
  • rake


Development version

Install dependencies

gem install httparty json rake
sudo gem install bundler
git clone
cd alm
bundle install

After bundle install the alm gem is installed and available on the command line or in a Ruby repl.

In Ruby repl

Get altmetrics by DOI

Alm.alm(ids: '10.1371/journal.pone.0029797', key: '<key>', instance: "crossref")
=> "{\"total\":1,\"total_pages\":1,\"page\":1,\"error\":null,\"data\":[{\"doi\":\"10.1371/journal.pone.0029797\",\"title\":\"Ecological Guild Evolution and the Discovery of the World's Smallest Vertebrate\",\"issued\":{\"date-parts\":[[2012,1,11]]},\"canonical_url\":null,\"pmid\":\"22253785\",\"pmcid\":\"3256195\",\"mendeley_uuid\":null,\"viewed\":0,\"saved\":0,\"discussed\":0,\"cited\":0,\"update_date\":\"2014-11-15T20:59:22Z\"}]}"

Search for altmetrics by source

Alm.alm(source: 'twitter', key: ENV['CROSSREF_API_KEY'], instance: "crossref")

Command line

not quite done yet

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