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Node.js printing

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A utility for printing PDFs and images from Node.js and Electron.

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You can install the package using npm:

npm install --save pdf-to-printer

Or yarn

yarn add pdf-to-printer

Basic Usage

To print a file to the default printer:

import { print } from "pdf-to-printer";



.print(pdf[, options]) => Promise<void>

A function that prints your file.


  1. pdf (string, required): A path to the file you want to print. An error will be thrown if the PDF is not specified or not found.
  2. options (Object, optional):
    • printer ( string, optional): Sends the file to the specified printer.
    • pages (string, optional): Specifies which pages to print in the PDF document.
    • subset (string, optional): Prints odd pages only when the value is odd, and even pages only when it is even.
    • orientation (string, optional): Provides 90-degree rotation of contents (NOT the rotation of paper which must be pre-set by the choice of printer defaults).
    • scale (string, optional): Supported names are noscale, shrink, and fit.
    • monochrome (boolean, optional): Prints the document in black and white. The default value is false.
    • side (string, optional): Supported names are duplex, duplexshort, duplexlong, and simplex.
    • bin (string, optional): Select tray to print to. Number or name.
    • paperSize (string, optional): Specifies the paper size. A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, letter, legal, tabloid, statement, or a name selectable from your printer settings.
    • silent (boolean, optional): Silences error messages.
    • printDialog (boolean, optional): Displays the print dialog for all the files indicated on this command line.
    • copies(number, optional): Specifies how many copies will be printed.


Promise<void>: A Promise that resolves with undefined.


To print a file to the default printer, use the following code:

import { print } from "pdf-to-printer";


To print to a specific printer:

import { print } from "pdf-to-printer";

const options = {
  printer: "Zebra",

print("assets/pdf-sample.pdf", options).then(console.log);

Here is an example with a few print settings. It will print pages 1, 3, and 5, and scale them so that they fit into the printable area of the paper.

import { print } from "pdf-to-printer";

const options = {
  printer: "Zebra",
  pages: "1-3,5",
  scale: "fit",

print("assets/pdf-sample.pdf", options).then(console.log);

.getPrinters() => Promise<Printer[]>

A function to get a list of available printers.


Promise<Printer[]>: a Promise that resolves with a list of available printers.


import { getPrinters } from "pdf-to-printer";


.getDefaultPrinter() => Promise<Printer | null>

A function to get the default printer information.


Promise<Printer | null>: a Promise that resolves with the default printer information, or null if there is no default printer.


import { getDefaultPrinter } from "pdf-to-printer";