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  1. teneo-web-chat teneo-web-chat Public

    Web-based chat UI for Teneo chatbots that can be embedded in websites.

    JavaScript 33 11

  2. tie-api-example-twilio-whatsapp tie-api-example-twilio-whatsapp Public

    Make your Teneo bot available on Whatsapp or SMS using the Twilio API for WhatsApp.

    JavaScript 7 6

  3. tie-api-example-ms-bot-framework tie-api-example-ms-bot-framework Public

    Example Node.js connector to make your Teneo solution available via Microsoft Bot Framework

    JavaScript 4 1

  4. teneo-web-chat-cross-domain teneo-web-chat-cross-domain Public

    Example scripts for cross domain implementation of Teneo Web Chat

    JavaScript 4

  5. tie-api-example-google-actions tie-api-example-google-actions Public

    Example connector that makes your Teneo bot available on Google Assistant and Google Home.

    JavaScript 2 2

  6. teneo-inquire-reference-dashboard teneo-inquire-reference-dashboard Public

    A reference implementation of an analytics dashboard for Teneo Inquire

    HTML 2 2


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