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Pull Request Viewer

This application provides an alternative interface to viewing pull requests on GitHub. It sorts, highlights and categorizes pull requests based on our workflow.


Notable features

  • Uses GitHub for authentication & authorization
  • Highlights PRs involving you
  • Parses the last comment of a PR to set a status label
  • If PR titles begin with reviewer usernames foo: or foo/bar/baz:, those GitHub usernames will become the reviewers. (See also GITHUB_USERNAME_ALIASES below.)
  • If PR titles begin with everyone or all, all reviewers will be added
  • PR titles beginning with WIP are considered Works In Progress and are greyed out
  • PRs older than a month are hidden
  • Lists everyone involved in commenting in a PR
  • Shows and sorts by last update time
  • Shows the source branch name
  • Shows CI build status

Getting started

  1. Follow the Heroku Getting Started guide if you haven't already.
  2. Create an app on the GitHub authorized applications page
  3. Clone this repo and cd to it.
  4. Run npm install and then npm install -g nodemon coffee-script
  5. Create a .env file that looks like the sample below.
  6. Run npm run dev

Sample .env file


Optional additional env vars


This is a list of GitHub usernames who should always review PRs from certain repos. This is in a comma-separated list in the format <user>/<repo>:reviewer. For multiple forced reviewers on the same repo, repeat the <user>/<repo> tuple with different usernames. For example:



If your development group uses real names instead of GitHub usernames then it's easier to prefix a PR title with "Bob:" instead of "superl33th4ck3r:". GITHUB_USERNAME_ALIASES is a comma-separated list in the format <alias>:<username>. Any alias will be substituted for the GitHub username. For example:


And your PR title could be "JOE/BOB: Fixes the thing."

Deploying to Heroku

  1. If creating a new app, run heroku create and then set each config var using heroku config (read docs here]
  2. Make sure the app runs locally with Foreman: foreman start web
  3. To deploy, run git push heroku


Copyright 2013 Artillery Games, Inc. Licensed under the MIT license.