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A better view for Pull Requests which maps to the Artillery engineering workflow.
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Pull Request Viewer

This application provides an alternative interface to viewing pull requests on GitHub. It sorts, highlights and categorizes pull requests based on our workflow.

Notable features

  • Uses GitHub for authentication
  • Highlights PRs involving you
  • Parses the last comment of a PR to set a status label
  • If PR titles begin with reviewer names foo: or foo/bar/baz:, the names will be converted to GitHub usernames per the settings file
  • If PR titles begin with everyone or all, all reviewers will be added
  • Lists everyone involved in commenting in a PR
  • Shows and sorts by last update time
  • Shows the source branch name
  • Shows CI build status

Getting started

$ git clone git://
$ cd pull-request-viewer
$ npm install
$ npm install -g coffee-script nodemon
$ vim settings.json # see below
$ nodemon settings.json

Example settings.json

  "github": {
    "user": "artillery",
    "repo": "superstuff",
    "clientID": "<see Applications in GitHub settings>",
    "clientSecret": "<see Applications in GitHub settings>",
    "callbackURL": "<see Applications in GitHub settings>"
  "buildStatuses": [
    { "title": "Success", "class": "success", "regex": "success" },
    { "title": "Pending", "class": "warning", "regex": "pending" },
    { "title": "Failed", "class": "important", "regex": "fail" }
  "reviewStatuses": [
    { "title": "Looks good!", "class": "success", "regex": "LGTM" },
    { "title": "Please take another look", "class": "info", "regex": "PTAL" },
    { "title": "Comments", "class": "warning", "regex": "comments" }
  "cookieSecret": "<random>",
  "sessionSecret": "<random>",
  "reviewers": {
    "mark": "mlogan",
    "ian": "statico"

Copyright 2013 Artillery Games, Inc. Licensed under the MIT license.

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