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Binary Artifact repository Management Toolkit

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Artipie is a software repository manager constructor, and self-hosted free service.

You can build your own repository server from Artipie components or run Artipie server on your private network. Check our wiki pages for details:

Publications about Artipie:

Artipie roadmap on the third quarter:

  • validate README files in all our projects. All files should have actual description and worked links.
  • implement Hex repository's adapter. The adapter will allow hosting private Erlang / Elixir packages using artipie as repositories manager.
  • implement ability to plug in a custom storage. This feature will allow using a custom storage to host binary data with no changes in artipie module.
  • change asto project to make it multiple modules. It should allow adding a new storage implementation as a new module of this project (not a new repository).


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    Binary Artifact Management Tool

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    The White Paper

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    Helm charts with Artipie

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