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Deploy a Collection to Ansible Galaxy
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Deploy a Collection to Ansible Galaxy.


This action expects to be run from a repository with certain met conditions.

  1. The repository is an Ansible Galaxy Collection, meaning it contains a galaxy.yml file at the project root.
  2. This action is part of a Python workflow.
    1. This means your workflow should include a step for uses: actions/setup-python@v1.
    2. Before this action is called, ensure that ansible is installed (pip install ansible).

An example workflow using this action can be found here.



Required Ansible Galaxy API key.

This should be stored in a Secret on GitHub. See Creating and Using Secrets Encrypted Variables.


Default: galaxy.yml

A collection must have a galaxy.yml file that contains the necessary information to build a collection artifact. Defaults to galaxy.yml in the project root.

Example Usage

- name: Set up Python 3
  uses: actions/setup-python@v1
    python-version: 3.6

- name: Install dependencies
  run: |
    python -m pip install --upgrade pip
    pip install ansible  # Must be at least 2.9.0

- name: Build and Deploy Collection
  uses: artis3n/ansible_galaxy_collection@v1
    api_key: 'df328fawrfr32iuaw'
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