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* src/tryclojure/core.clj: Improved error messages and I fixed the EO…

…F bug.
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Raynes committed May 29, 2010
1 parent f5b5897 commit 124ca99e0f04831f9e4645b0e3104b2e2bec9aa2
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  1. +19 −8 src/tryclojure/core.clj
@@ -23,25 +23,36 @@
(defn has-state? [form]
(not (state-tester form nil)))
(defn execute-text [txt history]
(let [sc (new-sandbox-compiler :tester sandbox-tester
:timeout 1000)
form (binding [*read-eval* false] (read-string txt))
result (try
(loop [history history]
(if (not (empty? history))
((sc (first history)))
(recur (next history)))))
(with-open [writer (]
(let [r (pr-str ((sc form) {'*out* writer}))]
[(str (.replace (escape-html writer) "\n" "<br/>") (code (str r)))
(if (has-state? form) (conj history form) history)]))
(let [form (binding [*read-eval* false] (read-string txt))]
(with-open [writer (]
(let [r (pr-str ((sc form) {'*out* writer}))]
[(str (.replace (escape-html writer) "\n" "<br/>") (code (str r)))
(if (has-state? form) (conj history form) history)])))
(catch TimeoutException _ ["Execution Timed Out!" history])
(catch SecurityException _ ["Disabled for security purposes." history])
(catch Exception e [(str (root-cause e)) history]))]
(catch SecurityException e
[(if (.startsWith
(.getMessage e)
"Code did not pass sandbox guidelines: ")
(str e
"<br /><br />This error was caused because you tried to use a function that "
" isn't whitelisted in the sandbox. The sandbox's whitelist is probably missing some"
" useful functions that should be whitelisted. If you think the function you tried to "
"use is safe and should be whitelisted, please file an issue at "
" or mention it to Raynes on the "
"#clojure or #clojure-casual IRC channels on the FreeNode network.")
(str e))
(catch Exception e [(str (root-cause e)) history]))]
(def links

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