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A ROS package for converting OccupancyGrid/Costmap2D to 2D distance map.
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A package for converting OccupancyGrid to 2D distance map.

Package Summary

The distance_map package provides a 2D Distance Map class (see Distance Transform) together with the means to generate it, convert it, send it and visualize it.

Kinetic Melodic
kinetic melodic

Quick StartQuick ExamplePluginsContributing

Quick Start

$ git clone
$ catkin build distance_map

Quick Example

Once all distance_map packages are built, one can run an example as follows,

roslaunch distance_map_node example.launch

This command will :

  • start a map_server providing a simple map
  • start the distance_map node
  • start rviz
  • start an interactive marker to introspect the distance_map

You should see the following window,

alt text


Available plugins:

Under development plugins:

  • None at this time.


distance_map is developed according to Vincent Driessen's Gitflow Workflow. This means,

  • the master branch is for releases only.
  • development is done on feature branches.
  • finished features are integrated via PullRequests into the branch devel.

For a PullRequest to get merged into devel, it must pass

  • Review by one of the maintainers.
    • Are the changes introduced in scope of distance_map?
    • Is the documentation updated?
    • Are enough reasonable tests added?
    • Will these changes break the API?
    • Do the new changes follow the current style of naming?
  • Compile / Test / Run on all target environments.


This work originated at PAL Robotics, with the participation of Sai Kishor Kothakota

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