A pluginlib-based package for laser-odometry
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A pluginlib-based package for laser-scan matching

Package Summary

A unified Laser Odometry scheme which aims at providing a single, simple interface for different scan matcher algorithms.
With a single node to start, selecting an scan-matching algorithm is as simple as setting a parameter in a launch file !

Build Summary

Indigo Jade Kinetic Lunar
Indigo Jade kinetic lunar


Available plugins:

Under development plugins:

  • None at this time.


  • This package is still under heavy developement thus the API is not completely stable yet.
  • For ROS distro pre-Kinetic, to properly visualize the nav_msgs/Odometry message published by the node with Rviz (that is, with its covariance), it is recommended to use the rviz_plugin_covariance (E.g. wiki Screenshot).



  • More plugins, mostly correlation-based & feature-based scan matching.
  • A comparison framework to easily compare plugins.