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Virtual museum of computer science (outdated)
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This is a project initially made as a solution of the educational task. (The section about the task is in progress now.)

But, of course, it's a little bit more valuable thing.

The reason is to combine different technologies and tools and to create real-world web application.

The project's roadmap covers:

  • React
  • HMR integration
  • Redux with Immutable.js and Reselect
  • React-router
  • Asynchronous routes
  • Build configurations for development and production modes
  • Code splitting with Webpack
  • Solution of localization problem
  • Type checking with flow or/and tcomb
  • React components testing with enzyme
  • True code coverage listings
  • Konva adaptation (react-konva)
  • Express as a web server
  • Deploy on Heroku (link)
  • Advanced server configuration (koa)
  • REST API creation and maintaining
  • Database integration and an interface to publish posts
  • Realtime updates with
  • Algorithm of tree graph visualization (now it's ugly)
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