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[WIP] The solution helping to set up highly performant production-ready application from the beginning.
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Production React Boilerplate

The boilerplate is intended to be the only solution you should take to start your fast-growing production web project with React ecosystem and Node.js under the hood.

Without need to remake the application from scratch in the nearest future, when high-load comes to play.

You just have webpack and friends pre-configured and well-explained for efficient usage without mess.

Warning: the boilerplate isn't stable yet and there're incomplete stages of development. That said, it isn't recommended to use the project at production until v1.0.0 is released.

Development status

Current status (updated 06/17/2019)

The boilerplate's parts are planned to be released as a set of npm packages to increase derived projects' maintainability and scalability of development. This means the shape of the resulting boilerplate will be changed completely compared to one right now. Simplicity of Next.js and create-react-app as well as their upgradability are definitely few of the goals of this project.

Some of far more advanced frontend performance related techniques are integrated into now as a result of few months of my own part/full-time volunteering. They are expected to appear in this open source project in 2019. However, it will happen only after modular and third-party packages oriented project structure is finally introduced.

In addition, SSR webpack bridge and hot reloading's story is also about to be released here in the near future.


  • hot-reload client-side bundle;
  • hot-reload SSR;
  • hot-reload API server;
  • hot-reload shared resources (i18n especially);

Build time

  • speed up rebuild of client-side at development;
  • speed up rebuild of server-side at development;
  • speed up production builds of client and server side bundles;

Client-side static resources optimization

  • use http/2 on SSR server;
  • use gzip/Zopfli/Brotli;
  • use WebP images;
  • minify static HTML-templates;
  • minify React.renderToString() output (optionally);
  • track changes of the bundles' sizing over time;


  • isolate both ends' build and launch pipelines;
  • support running only API or SSR;
  • support extensibility and allow overriding everything (scripts);
  • handle different release stages (development, uat, production);
  • support running API and SSR with shared port and process attached;


  • provide API unit and integration testing pipeline;
  • provide client-side (React components especially) unit and integration testing pipeline;
  • provide system testing pipeline;
  • collect test coverage statistics of both client and server sides modules;


  • provide JavaScript linting tools configured for client and server sides to share the same code style;
  • provide tools to fix code style issues automatically;
  • perform linting, incorrect code formatting fixing and testing as pre-configured commit hooks;
  • provide easy to use and semantically correct project structure;
  • follow the best practices and guidelines of modern JavaScript web development;
  • configure the binding to CI services;
  • provide contribution guidelines to organize an open-source project;
  • provide comments and documentation of boilerplate's modules;
  • write notes about architectural solutions and the ways to improve and powerfully customize the project;
  • provide ways to collect client and server sides logs and errors;


  • provide efficient methods to manage metadata and boost search engines adaptivity;

Administration, DevOps, and management

  • write tips about or provide possible ways to manage translations at runtime, without rebuild and restart the application;
  • provide ways to reduce release preparation time;
  • provide methods to organize release pipeline powerfully and to increase overall uptime of application being under active development;



React Production Boilerplate is MIT licensed.

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