Simple application that allows you to organize pages in a tree
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Django Clever Pages

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Simple application that allows you to organize pages in a tree


Is located at the top level home page. Other pages are linked to the home page. Thus obtaining a tree. On the basis of field slug and parents pages generated path when saving. In the view gets page by unique path from the database.


  • Organize pages in tree structure
  • Includes CKEditor
  • Auto build path by page slug
  • Generate page url, include all parents
  • Drag-n-dtop interface in admin
  • Include Search indices for haystack (need haystack >= 2.x). Sphinx in plans
  • Include meta tags via django-meta


From Pypi

pip install django-clever-pages 

From github

pip install git+git://

Add this line to your


Add it to end

    urlpatterns = patterns('',
        ('', include('page.urls'))

You can define more templates in

        ('contacts', u'Contacts'),

Meta tags in base.html

{% load meta %}
    <title>{{ meta.title }}</title>
    {% if meta.description %}{% meta 'description' meta.description %}{% endif %}
    {% if meta.keywords %}{% meta_list 'keywords' meta.keywords %}{% endif %}


  • Add locales
  • Add section about haystack
  • Add sphinx integration
  • Add Etag cache

P.S. Sorry for my bad english :)

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