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Release history

4.6.3, 31 December 2014


Just to fix npm & bower packages.


  • #339 Set box-sizing: content-box; only for needed blocks inside a fotorama
  • #323 Fix autoplay interval corruption on mousemove
  • #312 Let browsers round dimensions by themselfs
  • #299 No more collecting fotorama usage statistics via foreign iframe.

4.6.2, 7 August 2014

Hot sorry

Fotorama 4.6.0 broke image fitting into stage (#286, #291, and many more in inbox). This release fixes that.

Some new features, meanwhile:

  • New enableifsingleframe option. Default value is false. Set it to true if you don’t want to disable fotorama navigation when it has only one frame.
  • Smarter autoplay. Now waits until the next frame is fully loaded.

4.6.0, 7 August 2014


  • New position and thumbposition options.
  • Fix some IE7 & IE8 bugs (#273, #279).
  • Fix thumbnail fit.
  • Better auto initialization.
  • Fix blocking event flow in some odd situations.
  • #267 “Play” triangles on video thumbnails are back.
  • Finally fix clicktransition behaviour.
  • Fix fotorama:show event triggering.
  • Some minor fixes and optimization.


Fotorama centers photos by default when fits them into a stage. Now you can change this:

<!-- Align photos to the left-top corner -->
<div class="fotorama" data-position="0 0">
  <img src="1.jpg">

  <!-- Override position for a single photo,
       center 2.jpg horizontally, and move up by 10px -->
  <img src="2.jpg" data-position="50% -10px">

  <!-- Show the right-bottom corner of 3.jpg -->
  <img src="3.jpg" data-position="100% 100%">


Works just like position but for thumnbails.

4.5.2, 23 June 2014

Three years


  • Keyboard accessibility, allow tabbing on arrows and thumbs.
  • #255 Better styles for printing.
  • New controlsonstart option. Set it to false if you want controls to appear only after hover or tap.
  • New thumbfit option.
  • New thumbratio:'auto' option (experimental 💀).
  • #232 Simplify and fix logic when to trigger show events
  • #236 Fix video loading on https
  • Default cursor is now pointer because for desktop users one click is enough to switch the frame. Cursor changes to grab only on dragging and swiping.
  • #246 Make fotorama monolithic with z-index.
  • #251 Now fotorama’s dimensions are really the dimensions of the first image (by order, not by loading time).
  • #253 Do not cache $('html') and $('body') for correct fullscreen in single-page-apps (Meteor, Angular, Derby).
  • Fix clicktransition behaviour.
  • #243 Add missing dependencies and repository-setting to package.json
  • Better image fit, work nice with odd width without Retina artefacts.
  • Adjust animations.
  • Disabled trackpad by default.
  • Fix loop conditions.

🍬 🍬 🍬

Today is the third anniversary of Fotorama.

Using Fotorama? Be sure to drop me a link, wanna see it in action:

Thanks for your thanks 👍

4.5.1, 29 March 2014

Keep it ace

  • Fix animations and visibility of arrows and captions.
  • #181 Always visible arrows via arrows:'always'.
  • #214 Fullscreen mode now using complete width and surpass the maxwidth limit.
  • #218 Allow to hide captions via setOptions.
  • Make loop:true and clicktransition:'crossfade' play well together.
  • #219 Extended keyboard support.
  • Fix some measures collisions.
  • Optimize, test.

Extended keyboard support

The old data-keyboard="true" enables keyboard navigation with the arrows. Extend it passing the object with keys you want to turn on:

<div class="fotorama"
     data-keyboard='{"space":true, "home":true, "end":true}'>
  <img src="1.jpg">
  <img src="2.jpg">

4.5.0, 20 March 2014


New options:

  • navwidth — sets the special width of the nav;
  • clicktransition — alternative transition after click, now it is possible to slide after swipe and fade after click.

Now fotorama shows only first raw slide while initialization. Class .fotorama--unobtrusive makes fotorama unobtrusive and shows all raw slides, use it when you care about users without JavaScript.

Closed issues:

  • #159 Found the balance between swipe, click, and arrows.
  • #160 Fixed tiny drag on the arrows.
  • #174 Crush sprite files (via @zslabs).
  • #187 Fix compatibility with $.noConflict(true) (via @Lendar).
  • #192 Fixed stopautoplayontouch.
  • #205 Fixed a typo that forced using the http protocol (via @dhayab).

Fixed glimpse, nav overflow bug, and other minors.

4.4.9, 30 December 2013

Making it even better

Fixed issues:

  • #115 Partially hidden fullscreen-icon
  • #159 Some animation bugs.
  • #160 Move-click-swipe tolerances.
  • #161, #162 Recursion (when connecting some of the events and methods).

4.4.8, 13 November 2013

Five hot fixes

  • Counterclockwise spinner if direction:rtl.
  • Fix onTouchEnd call. Fix infinite spinner which sometimes happened
  • Fix doubled spinner.
  • Remove stagetap event.
  • More accurate deleting broken frames, good frames will not be flushed any more.

4.4.7, 5 November 2013

Spin the spinner

  • New preloader (spin.js).
  • Fix some issues with fade transitions in IE 7 and IE 8.
  • Disable GPU compositing of frame when video plays.
  • Cache image dimensions. Improved loading mechanics.

4.4.6, 20 October 2013


  • More optimizations of GPU and CPU rendering.

4.4.5, 17 October 2013

GPU & Refreshing

  • Optimize and reduce GPU layers, speedup Fotorama.
  • Merge #131.
  • #119 Fix load method.
  • Better startAutoplay method and autoplay itself.
  • Throw error if no jQuery or it’s outdated.
  • Fix glimpse unsetting with setOptions.
  • Update arrows in fotorama.png.
  • #116 Ability to center captions with .fotorama__caption { text-align: center; }.



  • Fix pointer blinking.
  • More friendly to browsers without JS and search engines.
  • Fine-tuning of wheel and trackpad behaviour.
  • Fix scroll on IE Mobile.


Options pack

  • Horizontal wheel (two fingers on trackpad) enabled, disable with data-wheel="false".
  • New options: margin, thumbmargin, thumbborderwidth, glimpse.
  • Preloader for big images on fullscreen.
  • Right-to-left direction in Fotorama: data-direction="rtl" option.
  • Support for additional params for YouTube and Vimeo links (like &rel=0&vq=hd1080).
  • Ability to simply override defaults with fotoramaDefaults = {some: 'option'}.

Minor optimizations.


Minor but sensitive

  • Finally-finally fix artefacts on HDPI (Retina etc.) displays.
  • Fix preloader, now it works with multiple fotoramas on the page.
  • #66 Strange fix of strange FF bug (thanks @andreyvolokitin).
  • #89 Fix bug when fotorama with crossfade transition get selected with the blue area in Chrome for Android.
  • #91 Fix linear and radial gradients syntax to reach older browsers.
  • #90 Now even FF 3.6.7 onboard.
  • The new startindex option. It accepts frame index or id.


Perf from Roman Komarov

The first fruit of open source. Three pull requests (#77, #78, #79) from @kizu:

  • Make edges of fotorama__nav clickable through.
  • More optimal transition for arrows and icons.
  • Smoothier transition for frame between different-width thumbnails.
  • Remove pointer-events from active and disabled things.

Finally remove zooming artefacts on Retina displays. Some minor optimizations.



  • #55 Blink after fast-fast clicks with crossfade or dissolve transition.
  • #58 Cannot read property '$navThumbFrame' of undefined.
  • #60 IE8: Unable to get value of the property 'style': object is null or undefined.
  • #62 Broken fullscreen if fotorama block has a max-width property.
  • #67 Broken keyboard navigation after destroying and recreating fotorama.
  • #72 Undefined thumb aspect ratio on HTML frames.
  • Fix image scalling artifacts on Retina displays.
  • Better splitting of swipe and click
  • Fix unloading videos
  • Hide captions on videoplay

New fotorama:stagetap event. More manual and auto tests. Optimizations.

Many thanks to all the issues reporters.


Mobile & speed

Windows Phone & Android support, better swipe & scroll, data option to load from, tons of fixes.