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IDEA Pitest plugin

Pitest (aka PIT) is a state of the art mutation testing system for Java and the JVM.

Read all about it at

The original Pitest logo was created by Ling Yeung. It is licensed under a Creative Commons License.


The idea of the plugin is to make mutation testing as much easy as possible. The plugin allows you to run Pitest against existed unit tests in one click. You don't need to manually setup options, they will be derived from JUnit configuration. Report will be shown using default IDEA Coverage functionality.

Visit Releases section to download latest build.

Limitations of the current version

  • IntelliJ IDEA 14 (IC or IU) via JRE 7+
  • JUnit
  • not fully correct coverage calculation
  • only basic Pitest parameters


  • publish plugin to official repository
  • TestNG support
  • fancy JUnit like tests execution UI
  • extended coverage information (like Pitest's HTML report)

Hints how to use

  • install plugin
  • right click on the JUnit test
  • select Run with Pitest
  • open file which is covered by test in the editor

How to build

You should have IntelliJ IDEA 14 installed. All project files like .idea directory and .iml are shared so you only need to perform several platform and IDE version dependant configuration steps.

  1. Open root of the project using IDEA.
  2. Open Project Structure configuration under File menu.
  3. Choose Modules and select idea-pitest-plugin module. In Dependencies section configure IntelliJ Plutform Plugin SDK properly.
  4. Choose Libraries and configure paths to coverage and junit lib directories. They are located in $IDEA$/plugins.
  5. Create new Plugin run configuration using idea-pitest-plugin module.

Now you should be able to run new instance of IDE with plugin installed in one click. Using this instance you can open idea-pitest-example module as a new project to check how the plugin works.