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NEWS! You might want to checkout my latest project:

Marbles cross-platform note-taking software for Windows and Linux

Marbles console text editor

  • Marbles is made with the same principles in mind as AHOY: Notes are stored as a searchable collection of entries contained in a single encrypted file for easy portability.
  • Plug Marbles into any Windows or Linux system and access your secure data in a 1-to-1 experience across platforms in your preferred terminal.
  • The Marbles project contains the AhoyToMarbles tool that can be used to migrate your AHOY data to Marbles.


Note-taking software for Windows

Ahoy screenshot


  • An unlimited repository of notes with fast live search, password protection and encryption
  • Prioritize, categorize and colorize entries using the pinned list
  • Autosave, backup and restore features
  • Password generator
  • Notification alerts
  • Place up to 32 sticky notes on your desktopp
  • Work on multiple entries at once using the detached PLOP Editor
  • Checklist templates with progressbar
  • Color themes and lots of customizations
  • Multi monitor support for all main editors and sticky notes
  • Calculator, message encryption, typewriter emulator, typing game and lots more...


  • System requirements: Windows 11, 10, 8.1/8, 7 and Vista (32/64 bit) with .NET 4.8
  • Installer: NSIS (Code signed/SHA2)
  • Binaries: Single 3MB executable (Code signed/SHA2)
  • License: AHOY! is distributed as free software under the MIT license
  • Programming language: C#
  • Technology: .NET (WinForms and WPF)
  • File encryption: 3DES
  • File output formats: .xml, .txt, .ahoy (Encrypted XML)
  • Encoding: UTF-8
  • DateTime format: ISO 8601
  • Week numbers (notification dialog display): ISO 8601
  • Default data directory: %appdata%\Ahoy
  • Fonts: Consolas and Courier New

Please note: Windows 7 does not include the Consolas font by default, unless installed with Microsoft Office, Visual Studio etc. Please note: Dictionaries available to the AHOY! Spell Checker are dependent on the .NET Framework version currently installed on your system. Please consult the documentation for more information.


Download the latest release here: