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Contributing to Artsy README

This project is work of many contributors.

If you work at Artsy, you're encouraged to submit pull requests, propose and discuss issues.

If you don't work at Artsy, we would love for you to ask us a question or highlight an issue in our processes, check out our Engineering blog or maybe even consider working with us :)

Editing README

You can edit files via the GitHub interface if you're just trying to quickly make a change. If you want to make a change that is a bit more nuanced, you can clone the repo and set it up with:

git clone
yarn install

code .

Helpful Automation

This repo has some useful automation set up for it to generate tables of contents. This is implemented in scripts/create-readmes.ts, which handles:

  • Creating a summary for each section of docs
  • Providing an overview of the section in the root
  • Enables running doctoc on any file with <!-- START doctoc

This script runs on every commit, so we'll always ensure all the table of contents are up-to-date.

Each markdown file in a section uses yaml front-matter to add a description and title to the document, which are used to generate a for each section.

Each section has a summary.json which describes the section for the root

Adding a new folder, or markdown file into a section will generate [TODO] items which will appear as comments in a pull request when you git push or on CI. This is implemented using Danger in dangerfile.ts.