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Hiring Junior Developers
How do we find and evaluate junior candidates

What do we look for in Juniors at Artsy?

  • Strong communication skills
  • Sharp and creative problem solvers
  • Driven individuals with grit, resilience, and determination
  • Culture add for our team
  • Passionate about launching a career in tech
  • Openness to being vulnerable
  • Standing out in some elements compared to other juniors

What are the base requirements?

We expect a minimal level of technical fluency but a strong demonstrated track record of making things. This can come through as a collection of smaller projects or a complete app of some form.

How do we evaluate someone?

When we evaluate whether a junior will succeed at Artsy we take the following into consideration:

  • How do they align with the Artsy values?
  • Have they done the homework of understanding Artsy?
  • How passionate are they about Artsy’s vision and mission?
  • Are they T-shaped Engineers?
  • Does their background overlap with Artsy’s domain?
  • Is the feedback from interviewers glowing?
  • Are references exceptional?

How do we look for them?

We will aim to hire the best candidates from all possible sources without any technical limitations, including but not limited to college degree requirements or experience in the art world. We mostly care about what the individual can bring to the table.

From a diversity point-of-view we seek the broadest spectrum of backgrounds, opinions and experiences within our Engineering team. By bringing in people at the start of their career and helping to grow their career we can bypass a lot of the industry churn for folks with a minority representation.

Because most individuals at the intersection of technology and art rarely come from traditional college background, Artsy aims to have strong links with bootcamps in NYC, and to keep close ties with arts + tech communities in order to give us the chance for find the perfect fit.