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Lunch & Learn
A meetup where we talk about things that inspire us.

Lunch & Learn

When Artsy was under 50 people, we would hold "Brown Bag" meetings. These were talks on a variety of art+science topics. As we out-grew the format, we started doing engineering "Brown Bag" meetings. Occasionally.

This worked for a while, but was sporadic and mostly the same speakers. Once we moved to a new stand-up format it felt like time to re-vamp our brown bags too.

Our format is pretty simple, every other Thursday we have an hour slot at 12:30 (NYC time) on the calendar for someone to give a talk or presentation. I think Alan described it well on Professional Development at Artsy:

Every Thursday, we do a Lunch-and-Learn session. Historically, we mostly showed off tech we use internally. But over about a year, most of our tech stack has been presented this way, so we also bring in engineers we know at other companies to share what they’re working on.

On the off weeks we have a Show & Tell and those weeks where we can't find a Lunch & Learn speaker we fall back to doing Show & Tell.

So far, from external contributors we've had:

Here are some examples of internal presentations:

  • The Artsy WeChat launch
  • A retrospective on a recently launched feature written in React Native
  • An introduction to the Artsy sales team process
  • How we use Hokusai to deploy software
  • How to use vim

You're probably seeing this as an external developer to Artsy, who has been invited to talk.


The format is definitely not set in stone, however these are what has worked for us internally and for past contributors.


Traditional conference/meetup style: You bring slides, we watch. You talk, we listen. You finish, we ask questions.

We don't expect conference/meetup-level presentation or practice. A lack of polish is okay. This is a great opportunity to present new talks ideas.

Company Walkthrough

More informal, you can come with other speakers and talk about the ways in which your company works. Covering your tech stack, the decisions behind them. With the presentation mainly being a series of demos, and showing code architecture.


  • Arrive at Artsy by 12:15pm (401 Broadway, 26th Floor, 10013 - Canal St is the closest station)
  • Our receptionist on 26 will get in touch with whoever you've been in contact with, probably [Orta][] or Ash
  • They will get you set up on our 27th floor Classroom
  • We will set up a stream for global developers and slides
  • We have until 12:30 to get any technical difficulties sorted out (the docs are here)
  • You give a presentation (~30 minutes)
  • We ask a bunch of questions (~15 minutes)
  • Whoever helped get you set up takes you out for lunch on us

Artsy Engineering now owes you, and your company a talk back. Feel free to arrange that whenever you like.


We ask that we can share a livestream of your talk, because we have a lot of global colleagues. This involves loading a link on your computer and sharing your screen.

We also ask that we get a recording of the talk (kept internal within Artsy), for colleagues who couldn't attend or want to review your awesome talk later. This is done through automatically, no additional setup is required. We'd like to get a copy of your slides, too. Of course, we're happy to send you a copy of the recording.

If you don't want to be recorded, no problem. We understand that you might talk and show things that are not for public consumption. We will not share anything externally without your express permission.

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