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How to run a Lunch & Learn
How to handle the people process for Lunch & Learns

Running a Lunch & Learn

Hello Artsy employee or curious outsider! This document outlines how to run our lunch and learns. The process of planning a L&L spans weeks and generally goes through the following steps. The planning process is managed in the Lunch and Learns GitHub project.

If you're interested in speaking at one of our lunch and learns, you can find out all about it here

  • Ideas: These can be either people we'd like to present or ideas that we'd like to find speakers for – either Artsy employees or external speakers we'd like to invite in.
  • In Conversation: We have reached out and are in talks with someone specific to present a L&L.
  • Scheduled: A date has been confirmed with the speaker and they have received a calendar event invitation.
  • Add to Docs/Dropbox/YouTube: The presentation is finished but needs to be documented (see below).
  • Done: It's done!

Read on for more specifics.

Suggesting a Presenter

Are you an Artsy employee? Do you want to suggest someone to present a Lunch & Learn? Great!

  • Go to the #lunch-and-learn Slack channel and let us know
  • Add a card to the project in the appropriate column

We encourage you to follow the rest of this guide. You've got this! And if you need help, or would prefer someone take over from you, just let the Slack channel know.

Handling a Referral

Sometimes you'll get an introduction to a speaker from a colleague, passing the baton to you to organize the actual event. Just follow these steps:

  • Say thanks!
  • Pass along the link to the
  • Add a card to the "In Conversation" section of the Lunch and Learn project, or move the existing card there from "Ideas".
  • Discuss what topic makes sense.
  • Pick a date and move their card to the "Scheduled" column (and add the date to the card title). Send them a calendar invitation.

Running a Lunch & Learn

The Monday Before

  • Send a note to Camille and Katherine to be included in the weekly newsletter.
  • Make some noise on Slack to get folks excited to come on Thursday.

The Day Before

  • Double-check with the speaker that they're still available. Make sure to thank them again for their time.
  • Add the speaker to Envoy.

The Day Of

We have The Classroom booked from 12:00–12:30 for setup, so go check at noon that everything is working:

  • TV is turned on.
  • Zoom iPad is on and plugged in.

Be on 26 at 12:10 to receive our guest (they should have been asked to arrive at 12:15). Take them upstairs and while they're getting set up, offer some water. Get them set up on the meeting and remind them that you'll take them out for lunch afterward.

At 12:20, send an @here reminder in the #dev (also post in #general if applicable). Give folks a few minutes past 12:30 to show up, but don't hold the show up waiting for them.

Immediately before you present the speaker, hit the record button in and it'll ask you for your email address.


Right after the talk, ask the speaker for their slides. Then take the speaker and a few folks out to lunch. Tataki is never a bad choice. Make sure to expense this meal.

Later, will email you the video recording. Upload the video and the slides to the Artsy Engineering Dropbox folder and post a link to Slack. Send a pull request to the Lunch and Learn docs that adds the speaker to the list. Make sure to thank the speaker again over email, offer a copy of the video, and reiterate that we owe them a talk now.

If the talk was given by an Artsy colleague, ask them if it would be appropriate to upload to YouTube for public viewing. Maybe even a quick blog post.

Move the card to the "Done" column. Nice work!


Connecting to the screen
  • For Artsy staff, they should be on the staff WiFi and connect via AirPlay to "27 - Classroom"

  • For external folk:

    • They can join the zoom url You can also email the zoom URL to the speaker from the iPad.
    • You can run their slides on your computer
The zoom isn't available
  • Make sure the Mac mini behind the screen is turned on
  • Make sure the Zoom iPad has power
The screen does not show the zoom meeting
  • Check the TV is on
  • Check that it's on the right input source (HDMI)
  • Go behind the TV, and pull out the power and re-connect it
Audio problems
  • Check the revolabs microphone has green lights
  • Check that the mic is plugged in (under the table)
  • Check the zoom iPad to see that it's mic is set up correctly