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import { danger, fail, markdown, warn } from "danger"
import { compact, includes, uniq } from "lodash"
// TypeScript thinks we're in React Native,
// so the node API gives us errors:
import * as fs from "fs"
import * as path from "path"
import recurseSync from "recursive-readdir-sync"
const allFiles = recurseSync("./src")
// Setup
const pr =
const modified = danger.git.modified_files
const bodyAndTitle = (pr.body + pr.title).toLowerCase()
// Custom modifiers for people submitting PRs to be able to say "skip this"
const acceptedNoTests = bodyAndTitle.includes("#skip_new_tests")
const typescriptOnly = (file: string) => includes(file, ".ts")
const filesOnly = (file: string) => fs.existsSync(file) && fs.lstatSync(file).isFile()
// Custom subsets of known files
const modifiedAppFiles = modified.filter(p => includes(p, "lib/")).filter(p => filesOnly(p) && typescriptOnly(p))
// Modified or Created can be treated the same a lot of the time
const touchedFiles = modified.concat(danger.git.created_files).filter(filesOnly)
const createdFiles = danger.git.created_files.filter(filesOnly)
const appOnlyFilter = (filename: string) =>
includes(filename, "src/lib/") &&
!includes(filename, "__tests__") &&
!includes(filename, "__mocks__") &&
const touchedAppOnlyFiles = touchedFiles.filter(appOnlyFilter)
const createdAppOnlyFiles = createdFiles.filter(appOnlyFilter)
const touchedComponents = touchedFiles.filter(p => includes(p, "src/lib/components") && !includes(p, "__tests__"))
// Rules
// If it's not a branch PR
if (pr.base.repo.full_name !== pr.head.repo.full_name) {
warn("This PR comes from a fork, and won't get JS generated for QA testing this PR inside the Emission Example app.")
// Check that every file created has a corresponding test file
const correspondingTestsForAppFiles = => {
const newPath = path.dirname(f)
const name = path.basename(f).replace(".ts", "-tests.ts")
return `${newPath}/__tests__/${name}`
// New app files should get new test files
// Allow warning instead of failing if you say "Skip New Tests" inside the body, make it explicit.
const testFilesThatDontExist = correspondingTestsForAppFiles
.filter(f => !f.includes("Index-tests.tsx")) // skip indexes
.filter(f => !f.includes("types-tests.ts")) // skip type definitions
.filter(f => !f.includes("__stories__")) // skip stories
.filter(f => !f.includes("AppRegistry")) // skip registry, kinda untestable
.filter(f => !f.includes("Routes")) // skip routes, kinda untestable
.filter(f => !f.includes("NativeModules")) // skip modules that are native, they are untestable
.filter(f => !f.includes("lib/relay/")) // skip modules that are native, they are untestable
.filter(f => !f.includes("Storybooks/")) // skip modules that are native, they are untestable
.filter(f => !f.includes("fixtures")) // skip modules that are native, they are untestable
.filter(f => !fs.existsSync(f))
if (testFilesThatDontExist.length > 0) {
const callout = acceptedNoTests ? warn : fail
const output = `Missing Test Files:
${ => `- \`${f}\``).join("\n")}
If these files are supposed to not exist, please update your PR body to include "#skip_new_tests".`
// A component should have a corresponding story reference, so that we're consistent
// with how the web create their components
const reactComponentForPath = filePath => {
const content = fs.readFileSync(filePath).toString()
const match = content.match(/class (.*) extends React.Component/)
if (!match || match.length === 0) {
return null
return match[1]
// Start with a full list of all Components, then look
// through all story files removing them from the list if found.
// If any are left, leave a warning.
let componentsForFiles = uniq(compact(
const storyFiles = allFiles.filter(f => f.includes("__stories__/") && f.includes(".story."))
storyFiles.forEach(story => {
const content = fs.readFileSync(story, "utf8")
componentsForFiles.forEach(component => {
if (content.includes(component)) {
componentsForFiles = componentsForFiles.filter(f => f !== component)
if (componentsForFiles.length) {
const components = => `- \`${c}\``).join("\n")
warn(`Could not find stories using these components:
// We'd like to improve visibility of whether someone has tested on a device,
// or run through the code at all. So, to look at improving this, we're going to try appending
// a checklist, and provide useful info on how to run the code yourself inside the PR.
const splitter = `<hr data-danger="yep"/>`
const userBody = pr.body.split(splitter)[0]
const localBranch = `${pr.user.login}-${pr.number}-checkout`
const bodyFooter = `
### Tested on Device?
- [ ] @${pr.user.login}
${ => `- [ ] @${assignee.login}`).join("\n")}
<summary>How to get set up with this PR?</summary>
<p><b>To run on your computer:</b></p>
<pre><code>git fetch origin pull/${pr.number}/head:${localBranch}
git checkout ${localBranch}
yarn install
cd example; pod install; cd ..
open -a Simulator
yarn start</code></pre>
<p>Then run <code>xcrun simctl launch booted net.artsy.Emission</code> once a the simulator has finished booting</p>
<p><b>To run inside Eigen (prod or beta) or Emission (beta):</b> Shake the phone to get the Admin menu.</p>
<p>If you see <i>"Use Staging React Env" </i> - click that and restart, then follow the next step.</p>
<p>Click on <i>"Choose an RN build" </i> - then pick the one that says: "X,Y,Z"</p>
<p>Note: this is a TODO for PRs, currently you can only do it on master commits.</p>
const newBody = userBody + splitter + "\n" + bodyFooter
// The individual state of a ticked/unticket item in a markdown list should not
// require Danger to submit a new body (and thus overwrite those changes.)
const neuterMarkdownTicks = /- \[*.\]/g
if (pr.body.replace(neuterMarkdownTicks, "-") !== newBody.replace(neuterMarkdownTicks, "-")) {
// See
// danger.github.api.pullRequests.update({...danger.github.thisPR, body: newBody })
if (fs.existsSync("tsc_raw.log")) {
const log = fs.readFileSync("tsc_raw.log")
if (log.length) {
fail("TypeScript hasn't passed, see below for full logs")
markdown(`### TypeScript Fails\n\n\`\`\`${log}\`\`\``)
// Show TSLint errors inline
// Yes, this is a bit lossy, we run the linter twice now, but its still a short amount of time
// Perhaps we could indicate that tslint failed somehow the first time?
if (fs.existsSync("tslint-errors.json")) {
const tslintErrors = JSON.parse(fs.readFileSync("tslint-errors.json", "utf8")) as any[]
if (tslintErrors.length) {
const errors = => {
const format = error.ruleSeverity === "ERROR" ? ":no_entry_sign:" : ":warning:"
const linkToFile = danger.github.utils.fileLinks([])
return `* ${format} ${linkToFile} - ${error.ruleName} -${error.failure}`
const tslintMarkdown = `
## TSLint Issues:
// Show Jest fails in the PR
import jest from "danger-plugin-jest"
if (fs.existsSync("test-results.json")) {
jest({ testResultsJsonPath: "test-results.json" })
const AppDelegate = fs.readFileSync("Example/Emission/AppDelegate.m", "utf8")
if (
!AppDelegate.includes("static NSString *UserID = nil;") ||
!AppDelegate.includes("static NSString *UserAccessToken = nil;")
) {
"Sensitive user credentials have been left in this PR, please remove those and sqaush the commits so no trace " +
"of them is left behind."