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Exchange aspires to be responsible for the various types of e-commerce interactions available on the Artsy platform. It's currently a prototype, with legacy e-commerce still handled by Gravity. It uses Ruby, Rails, Postgresql, and exposes a GraphQL API.



  • Fork the project to your GitHub account

  • Clone your fork:

    $ git clone
  • Install bundles:

    $ bundle install


Once setup, you can run the tests like this:

$ bundle exec rspec

Starting Server

If this is your first time starting the app, make sure your database is setup first by running:

rails db:create
rails db:setup

Then run via foreman to start the web (rails) and worker (sidekiq) services:

foreman start -f

Did You Change Models?

Papertrail Audit Logging

We use the PaperTrail gem to maintain a log of data changes to important models within the main relational database.

Analytics Notification

If you changed something in the /models make sure to inform #data (analytics) team about it in case it impacts their reports.

Did You Change GraphQL Schema?

Metaphysics is the current consumer of Exchange GraphQL schema and keeps a copy of latest schema in, if you have changed Exchange GraphQL schema, make sure you also update the copy of this schema in Metaphysics. In order to do so follow these steps:

  1. In exchange run
rake graphql:schema:idl
  1. rename schema.graphql file generated ☝🏼 to exchange.graphql
mv schema.graphql exchange.graphql
  1. copy file above to your local update Metaphysics under src/data and make a PR to Metaphysics with this change.

There is a guide on how to add exchange operations to Metaphysics here

Talking to Exchange 🤑

In order to talk to Exchange GraphQL endpoint:

  • Copy .env.example to .env
  • Update the REPLACE values in the .env file. You can reference the values used on staging with hokusai staging env get or use copy_env to automate the task.
  • Install dotenv by gem install dotenv
  • Start local server dotenv rails s
  • If you work at Artsy, get proper Gravity User Token following these instructions (the client application name is "Exchange Staging").
  • Install and run GraphiQL app brew cask install graphiql
  • In GraphiQL app, go to http://localhost:3000/api/graphql, you should ge unauthorized error
  • Edit HTTP Headers and add Authorization header and set it to Bearer <token> where <token> is your Gravity token generated few steps above.

Working at Artsy?

GraphQL Queries

We share our GraphQL sample queries using Insomnia shared workspace. You can import latest queries from environments_and_requests.json

Get Access To Exchange

Access to Exchange Admin is limited to users with the role "Sales Admin". Ask someone with Role Manager permissions to grant your user "Sales Admin" permissions.


Something went wrong? Ideally in the JSON response returned from Exchange there will be enough info to describe what went wrong. In case that was not useful, you can:

  1. Check Sentry (password in 1Pass) and look for Exchange (staging or production) and see the error.
  2. Follow exchange logs by doing
hokusai staging logs -f

If you think there is something we could improve in this error case, feel free to open an issue with details about what you did and what went wrong.

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