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Artsy Mobile team issue tracker 👌

Artsy Mobile is @alloy, @ashfurrow, @katarinabatina, @mennenia, @orta, and @sarahscott. If you're interested in joining, look here.

We revolve around four open-source apps. Eigen is the iOS app for the general public, Energy a portfolio app for gallery partners, Eidolon an Auctions bidding app and Emergence our Apple TV app. All our project names are based on physics terms beginning with e. You can read our manifesto here.

Our general team playbook is available here - this is a document covering on-boarding, setup and an overview of our tech stack. It is meant to be read with the private artsy/potential.

This repo is for keeping track of issues around the team, and telling people to do stuff etc. Open because Open by Default. Feel free to post issues about and around the artsy mobile team here. It goes straight to our slack room, so ideally, include a GIF.