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Artsy Peril Settings

What is this project?

This is the configuration repo for Peril on the Artsy org. There is a settings file and org-wide dangerfiles which are inside the org folder.

Here's some links to the key concepts:

An overview of what Peril does for Artsy is available in the README repo at /culture/

TL:DR on this Repo?

Peril is Danger running on a web-server, this repo is the configuration for that, currently the dangerfiles in org run on every issue and pull request for all our repos.

To Develop

git clone
cd peril-settings
yarn install
yarn jest
code .

You will need node and yarn installed beforehand. You can get them both by running brew install yarn. This will give you auto-completion and types for Danger/Peril mainly.


It's likely that any time you want to make a change here you should consult the Artsy RFC process and apply it on artsy/README.

Implementing an RFC

Adding a rule

A rule should include a link to its rfc:

// Keep our Markdown documents awesome
export default async (webhook: any) => {
  // [...]

This self-documents where a rule has come from, making it easy for others to understand how we came to specific rules. The closure passed to rfc can be async as well.

Testing a rule

We use Jest to test our Dangerfiles. It uses the same techniques as testing a danger plugin where the global imports from danger are fake.

  1. Create a file for your RFC: tests/rfc_[x].test.ts.

  2. Add a before and after setting up and resetting mocks:

    jest.mock("danger", () => jest.fn())
    import * as danger from "danger"
    const dm = danger as any
    beforeEach(() => {
      dm.danger = {} = jest.fn() // as necessary
    afterEach(() => { = undefined
  3. Set up your danger object and run the function exported in all-prs.ts:

    import rfcN from "../org/all-prs"
    it("warns when there's there's no assignee and no WIP in the title", async () => {
      dm.danger.github = { pr: { title: "Changes to the setup script", assignee: null } }
      await rfcN()
        // [...]
  4. Validate that the fail/warn/message/markdown is called.