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Rosalind CircleCI

Rosalind is an admin app for large-batch operations on artwork genomes (Artsy-created genomes as well as "partner-applied categories").

Among its major components are Rails 5 + Kinetic on the backend and React + Webpack on the frontend.

You can read more about the motivation for the app over in Pull Request #1, and in the blog post we wrote when we open-sourced it.



  • Fork the project to your GitHub account

  • Clone your fork:

    $ git clone
  • Read and run setup script:

    $ cat bin/setup
    $ bin/setup


There are two levels of testing on this project: those at the Ruby level and those at the Javascript level. Same goes for linting. That means to run everything individually you would do:

$ bundle exec rubocop
$ bundle exec rspec
$ yarn run lint
$ yarn run test

Note: the default rake task (e.g. bundle exec rake) is setup to run all linting and tests.

Acceptance Tests

In order to improve our confidence that the Ruby and Javascript parts of this project work together, we've added acceptance tests that run in Chrome.

They will be run as part of the default RSpec run. Or you can invoke them directly with:

$ bundle exec rspec spec/system

In order to view the specs running in a real browser, you can change the driven_by config to :selenium_chrome in spec/rails_helper.rb.

Developing with Storybook

In order to facilitate development and documentation of UI components, we've added Storybook to this project.

$ yarn run storybook

Storybook can only show accurate styling if it can load the Rails application.css stylesheet. For this reason we require you to have the Rails server running first.

Starting the Server

Foreman is used to manage the server configuration, so starting a server is as easy as foreman start, but you might want to use the development version in instead. is configured to run Webpack's dev server, for hot reloading of React components.

$ foreman start -f

See the Procfiles for more.

Docker and Hokusai

As an alternative to the full local workflow outlined above, it should be possible to use a Docker & Hokusai workflow to boot up, test, and (slowly) iterate on the app, without having to install and start up the usual backing services (Postgres, Redis).

$ hokusai build
$ hokusai test
$ hokusai dev start

Gravity Connection

Rosalind uses Gravity to get detail about some models. See the gravity docs for the process.

Elasticsearch Connection

Rosalind communicates directly with the Elasticsearch cluster to search for artworks. Elasticsearch is guarded behind a VPN, so to retrieve artwork search results locally, make sure you're connected to VPN associated with the environment you're targeting (production or staging).

See documentation available here or here

Contributing Pull Requests

Rosalind accepts PRs from branches on the main artsy/rosalind repo. PRs from forks will not be built in the CI environment and cannot be merged directly.

The name

Rosalind is named after Rosalind Franklin, the biophysicist whose pioneering work in X-ray crystallography led to the discovery of the double helix.