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2012.9.3, Version 0.1.3
* Added event bubbling (Pindi Albert)
* Added multi-event binding (Pindi Albert)
* Default input type is "text" (Tristan Slominski)
* .set() fires model change event when reset is true (Tristan Slominski)
* Accept data-bind events in any order (Tristan Slominski)
* Documentation updates
2011.12.17, Version 0.1.2
* New data-bind notation: equal sign (Tristan Slominski)
* Documentation updates (Artur Adib)
2011.12.11, Version 0.1.1
* gh-pages is now production branch, master is development
* Documents are now hosted in docs/ in master (to be periodically merged with gh-pages)
* pre: and post: event prefixes (Tristan Slominski)
* before() and after() DOM insertion methods (Fabio Ferrari)
* New method isAgility() (Tristan Slominski)
* Bug fixes and new unit tests (thanks Tristan Slominski, David Ascher, Fabio Ferrari)
2011.07.21, Version 0.1.0
* First release
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