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resize, enter, leave, close events #4

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Benvie commented Apr 10, 2012

Working on tests but I'm slow at them


Thanks, Brandon! We're in the middle of a workweek but I'll take a look at this asap.

Tests are always welcome - they're normally the first thing I look at to get an idea of what's been done :) (Check out test/qwidget.js for event testing examples).

kf6kjg commented Sep 22, 2012

What is the progress on building the tests and applying the pull? These are pretty critical events - especially the close event!


@arturadib I second the above. When can it be merged? (It's now been 7mo since above comment).


@waddlesplash if someone can write tests I'd happily merge it :) it's not hard, see e.g. test/qwidget.js

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