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Slack webhook inspired by this repo:
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Hackaton collaboration bot


Hackaton Collaboration Bot is a Webhook created to encourage teams to interact with each other during a hackaton by sending special messages on messaging apps (like slack, for example). The idea for this repo was stolen from the Khan Academy thematic hackaton.

The first version is integrated with slack by using the slack webhook. The hook captures messages starting with a specific text (such as 1 point to) and assigns points to the team indicated in the original message

The example included in the seeds.rb uses Harry Potter Houses as teams:

  • Gryffindor
  • Hufflepuff
  • Ravenclaw
  • Slytherin

For example, if a slack users sends a message like '1 point to `Ravenclaw` because Jane Roe helped me a lot in my project', Ravenclaw will receive a point and a link to the hackaton dashboard will be returned to the users. Please notice that the team name must be enclosed between backticks (`).

Check it out:

Hackaton settings

To configure the response messages, each hackaton is built with specific attributes relative to how the messages will be delived back to the users. The valid attributes are:

  • success_pretext:

    This message will be interpolated with three other variables before being sent back to the users:

    • team_name: the name of the team that has just received points
    • points: the total points assigned to the team
    • dashboard_url: the url to the dashboard of the current hackaton

    To use these variables, include in your hackaton success_pretext the pattern %{variable_name}. For example, you can configure your outgoing message as:

    %{team_name} has now %{points} points! Check the house cup dashboard in %{dashboard_url}

    It will be displayed in the first line of the message.

  • success_text:

    This message will be interpolated with the team name before being sent back to the users. For example, you can configure your outgoing message as:

    `Good work, %{team_name}!

    It will be displayed above the image, as if it was the image caption. The success image will be the avatar of the team that is receiving the points.

  • error_pretext:

    It does not accept any parameters and will not interpolate. This string will be the text displayed on the messaging app if a user tries to give points to a team that does not exist, for example.

  • error_color:

    A vertical bar is inserted at the left of the error message. This attribute allows you to choose the color of the bar.

  • error_image:

    An image to be displayed with the error message.

  • error_text:

    A text that works as a caption for the image above


Just run the setup script to configure the app:


Now you should be able to run the tests:


To run the the app:

  bin/rails server

Environment dependencies

  • Ruby 2.3.1
  • PostgreSQL

Admin Panel

There is an admin panel to configure the hackatons. It is accessible on the /admin url and the user and password are set through env variables (ADMIN_USER and ADMIN_PASSWORD).


There is a dashboard with the points of each team. It is accessible on the /dashboard url.


  • Allow easy configuration of teams
  • List users per team and prevent them to award points to their teams (maybe some points should be removed from the team as a punishment)
  • Allow many hackatons at the same time. Each team must be linked to one Hackaton, and they should be able to coexist
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