Home automation system based on Arduino with sensors, Raspberry Pi, Node.js and React
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Koti Home

koti home control panel

Koti Home (the name comes from the Finnish word “koti” that means “home”) is a home automation system based on Arduino that I’ve built. See it in action. I’ve writte a post about this project: http://arturpaikin.com/en/home-automation-experiments/ and also gave a talk at Queens.js, check out the slides and video.

⚠️ The code is a little outdated, Webpack config should be fixed, JavaScript fatigue.

Right now supports the following features:

  • Showing home temperature (in Celsius)
  • Email notifications (or text message with the help of IFTTT) if movement occurred
  • Switching the light on and off remotely (might be any electronic device)
  • Voice commands like “turn the light on” and “status update” and “make me coffee”

Koti Home is ran by a Node.js app on a server (mine is at DigitalOcean VPS), Arduino connected to a Raspberry Pi with a Node.js client app and Arduino with a couple of sensors.


  1. Get an Arduino and all the necessary sensors. I have a temperature, light, relay and motion. Connect everything.
  2. Clone this repository, rename example_config.json to config.json and change all the credentials, like email and passwords.
  3. Upload the Arduino/koti.ino to Arduino board and set up the koti.js app on your server. I recommend PM2.
  4. Buy a huge chair, a desk and a Darth Vader mask. Make a Margarita and control the planet your house. Disclaimer: chair, desk, mask and Margarita are sold separately.