Basic STM32L151 project using GNU toolchain
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STM32L151 bare bones Makefile project

This is a basic STM32L151RB project using the GNU toolchain. It can be modified to run on STM32L152. Features:

  • make-based build system
  • Startup code from ST
  • Linker script from ST
  • STM32L1xx standard peripheral drivers library
  • SEGGER RTT (debug terminal-over-JTAG) code
  • Handy hard fault handler for debugging

How to run

  1. Download the GNU ARM Embedded toolchain, extract anywhere and add the bin directory to your $PATH
  2. Simply type make
  3. Load main.elf with your JTAG adapter. I highly recommend using J-Link and Ozone.
  4. The application will print a hello message in RTT console.
  5. Default clock configuration code will try to use a high-speed external crystal (HSE) but will fallback to internal 2.1MHz clock if that one fails.

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