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Let's have a quick look at the boards and what's on them. Both boards have the same components except the USB connectors.

{{< columns >}}
[![Serpente Plug](/tour_plug_small.jpg)](/tour_plug.jpg)
[![Serpente Plug](/tour_plug.jpg)](/tour_plug.jpg)
[![Serpente Type-C](/tour_type_c_small.jpg)](/tour_type_c.jpg)
[![Serpente Type-C](/tour_type_c.jpg)](/tour_type_c.jpg)
{{< /columns >}}

- **USB A / USB Type-C Connector** - Two options to choose from, use the one that works best for you! USB is used for both data and power. The Type-C connector supports only USB 2.0 signals and is hardwired to be a Sink only.
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