"'toCv' not declared in the scope"? #4

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I've been trying to compile the FaceSubstitution but keep being met with the error "'toCv' not declared in the scope." I am using the most recent version of ofxCv and dug through it and found that there is in fact something called toCv in there. I'm not the best coder in the world and I am stuck as to what is happening here. Any advice would be awesome!



Was including the namespace cv

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Thanks for the solution, but what exactly do you mean? I'm getting the same issue right now.


seconded, what does this mean? I see the toCv() functions, but no toCV(ofImage& myImage)
what's the namespace issue?


if you see "'toCv' not declared in the scope" you need to either say:


or add to the top of the file:

using namespace ofxCv;

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